Monday, October 23, 2006

Itinerary After the fact - Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg

We did these three countries in one trip:

1. Amsterdam,
2.West to stretch and see the sea: Zandvoort
3.South to tiptoe: Lisse - and the tulips
4. South meander: The Hague - Leiden - Delft -
5. World War II - Rotterdam
6. West to particular nest of windmills - Kinderdyke
7. West to Bridge Too Far area, World War II - Nymegen (this bridge they got; it was Arnhem that was too far) and Grosbeek (also Canadian army memorial)
8. South toward Mastricht, too much traffic (Bush there) so lovely time at alternate small scenic Valkeburg
9. World War II - Bastogne

9. Ettenbruck -
10. The General Patton memorial at Diekirche
11. Castles at Vianden, - Larochette
12. Luxembourg City -- the tunnels

13. Napoleon at Waterloo
14. Brussels - do feast on the street vendor snails
15. Ghent - Kortrijk -
16. World War I at Ypres - my uncle (Canadian) fought there; a distant cousin with the Scots is buried in nearby Arras, France; look it all up at the documentation office at Ypres and go find them. Nobody forgotten until forgotten.
17. Antwerp -stay on the 1950's retired and moored cruise liner near the old city docks

18. West to Middelburg - see the model of the bomb that decimated this rural town WWII
19. Domburg and rural peninsula areas, over the dikes
20 Gouda - park and walk, even if hefty walk. Canal parking is risky.
21. Alkmaar -- must see the cheeses. Stay in center Alkmar-
22. North and west and drive across the huge dike holding back the North Sea, the Afsluitdijk -
23. Medieval Urk, once an island, now in the middle of reclaimed polder
24. South again to get more of Bridge Too Far area - Het Loo - Arnhem (there the big bridge is, the one that was too far) - Amersfoort -
25. North to Haarlem -
26. Amsterdam - Hoofddorp was best place to sleep before flight out next day from Amsterdam's airport