Saturday, August 18, 2007

News dateline Netherlands - Holocaust documents in Bad Arolson, Germany

 Tracing Persons,  Families, in the Holocaust

Attention must be paid.

The International Tracing Service, based in Bad Arolsen, see :// has released news information of a Nazi archive in Bad Arolsen, Germany, that holds information about victims and their histories, and the process of the exterminations.

Transparency obstructed.  These documents are being given to certain institutions for examination, but families and survivors want the release to be general and unrestricted. See  Why does the United States prevent electronic access from the Holocaust Museum in Washington to the Bad Arolsen archives, see  Survivor outrage. What happened to that issue?

As of 2007, it looks like policy decisions were made in the US as to who was a victim, what groups did what, did American corporations involve themselves in aspects of the Holocaust for profit, such as providing means to those ends?  and they do not want new information to come out or change that?  Is that so? See IBM and the Holocaust at ://

Visit the website for how to make inquiries. An layperson's overview of this organization is at

The fates of millions are documented there.  See ://

Monday, August 13, 2007

History sites - Netherlands in the Global Picture


 How long since you were in school. Take time to put each country visited into a larger perspective.  The boundaries, the concepts. Timelines clarify migrations.

Recommended:  Do not miss the Metropolitan Museum's site on timelines. Go to, for the Low Countries 1400-1600, and play around the menus for whatever else you want to know.