Sunday, May 27, 2007

Food - often fine Indonesian; Dutch East Indies history

Food - often Indonesian. Excellent.  The best heritage from a colonial past is the immigration back to you when you think you are done.  Your culture is enriched, the formerly exploited get a boost in European citizenship if they want, and the food is enriching.  Indonesian food:  Go to the fast food steam table places.  Excellent, believe it or not. Pop in, point to what you want, enjoy.Buy imported ingredients online at ://

Indonesian was best for fast food. For a full Dutch meal, there are many soup-stew-potato combos. See recipes at To us, that looked like the Irish - our roots - don't let a root go to waste.

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Indonesia was a Dutch colony, and has a long and varied history - see You may remember the colony as part of the Dutch East Indies - see